Halfway There!

16 Mar

Pardon the takeover; Rachel here. Marc is either running, sleeping, or eating cans of tuna fish but the blogging must continue. The crew finally joined up with Marc on Thursday night and Elyssa and I already tried to make Marc run with a bright yellow reflective vest on, he rejected the proposition. Don’t worry everyone, the potential Jewish mothers are here to look after him. After running through the hottest day in the memorable past Marc remains upbeat and determined. He’s also a little bit tired. Things we’ve learned thus far; Marc enjoys his water lukewarm, no one will bother you when your car is pulled over with the hazard lights blinking, and snacks for runners and drivers are essential.

Now back to the real serious business of running – We arrived in Netivot on Friday after a long, hot day of running and traveling to find a stocked fridge from the Netivot – Philadelphia partnership. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We were also welcomed into the homes of two very generous and wonderful families in Netivot for Shabbat dinner. Saturday was another early morning wake up to get on the road and running around 5:30am. After six hours, a quick stop for pita, nearly 40k put behind us, and an afternoon nap we were ready to hit the pavement again – well, Marc was, I remained behind the wheel. Marc was a man on a mission today and ended 58k closer to Eilat. Running under 7 minute miles for the final miles of the day he plowed his way through the last bit of civilized Israel and we’re headed onwards to the heart of the desert.

Tonight we are hosting a pasta dinner in the Netivot – Philadelphia partnership apartment to continue fundraising for the run. We’re all looking forward to sitting down to eat a meal that doesn’t include mentos, tuna fish or pretzels. Spirits are high as we get ready to pick up the final member of our crew, Hannah, tomorrow in Beer Sheva. Then full steam ahead to Eilat!


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