First Training Run

21 Feb

The first forty mile run in Tel Aviv was both a surprise and a success!  I arrived in Tel Aviv looking forward to an interview for a non-profit think tank.  Sadly, the interviewer needed to cancel at the last minute, leaving me in Tel Aviv on a cool and sunny day.  I planned to test out my water backpack on an 8-mile run that afternoon, but decided that I should literally go big or go home.  I wasn’t ready to return to Netivot, so I walked 2 miles to the beach, filled up my water backpack, and took off for a 13 miler.

One of the great things about running on the boardwalk in Tel Aviv is that it is packed with runners.  Throughout each one of my three 13-mile runs, I would run with different people from all over the world.  Some ran with me for 10 miles, others just 1 mile, but I always appreciated the company.  Between my three sets of 13 miles, I grabbed a small, but filling meal.  First, I had a tuna sandwich and a (free) shot of espresso.  During my next break, I ate a chicken sandwich with a blended ice coffee.  Bad idea!  I should have known that 58 degrees is only perfect running weather before ingesting freezing drinks.

Needless to say, the last set of 13 miles was the hardest.  I spent the first 7 miles shivering before taking a break due to a tight calf.  Then I jogged 4 more, and walked the rest.  I left for Netivot exhausted, but confident.  Only the next day, when I woke up and was able to walk, did I know that running across Israel was a physical possibility for me.  We’ll see what happens starting on March 12!

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